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Gaines Award for Literary Excellence. Bump will receive the award in a virtual ceremony Jan. What's happening to the characters on the inside I pulled from myself and put on the. But the events surrounding that I wanted to make up into this fantastical weird world. I hope people come away with a better understanding of being raised in this city that I love very much as a Black person living in that part of the world.


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Gaines Award for Literary Excellence. Bump will receive the award in a virtual ceremony Jan. What's happening to the characters on the inside I pulled from myself and put on the. But the events surrounding that I fau,conbridge to make up into this fantastical weird world.

I hope people come away with a better understanding of being raised in this city that I love very much as a Black person living in that part of the world. You create a story out of information you gather. But the transition to fiction was natural. I didn't necessarily like the work-work of journalism. I just like making stuff up more. It was really helpful.

She is among the first priority group to be immunized by invitation only in the first phase of the rollout at the COVID immunization clinic. The vaccine will not be broadly available to the general public until sometime later inand it is expected it will take another six to nine months to immunize all Ontarians who opt to get the vaccine, a health unit media release says.

Wortman was shot dead by a police officer at a gas station in Enfield, N. The Dec. The estate is facing several lawsuits, both from Wortman's common law spouse, Lisa Banfield, and from the families of his victims.

British man charged with hacking federal reserve computers

The victims' families are trying to get a class action certified that seeks compensation for the deaths and for the damage Wortman caused. Sandra McCulloch, a lawyer for the families, said coigars left of Wortman's estate belongs to his many victims. Witnesses quoted in the search warrant applications have said a "paranoid" Wortman was growing increasingly anxious about COVID before he had liquidated the investments. The application for the class action against Wortman's estate names three of plaintiffs.

The first involves direct relatives of those killed, such as parents, children and spouses. The second involves all people who suffered personal injuries from the gunman, faulconbidge Banfield. And the third category involves all people who suffered damage to property.

Banfield filed a notice of claim on the estate in probate court on Nov. In the document, the lawyer for Wortman's common law spouse said while Banfield isn't a shareholder, "she and the deceased operated the denturist couyars as a t venture," adding that her work was critical to its success. She also claimed cougarz deceased and the estate would be "unjustly enriched if the applicant Banfield were not entitled "to a share of the assets in the name of the deceased Wortman at the time of his death.

At the time, she said she was the victim of assault and battery the night Wortman began his ram and said she had suffered "intentional infliction of mental suffering. She emerged the next morning and ccougars police at a. On Dec.

Blue mountains record february 28 by western sydney publishing group - issuu

Police have said the alleged offences occurred between March 17 and April 18, but that those charged "had no prior knowledge of the gunman's actions. It also provides a forum for adjudication and appoints executors, administrators, appraisers, and guardians in relation to all estate matters. She said that if new assets are discovered, she would fqulconbridge the probate court within 30 days.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Dec. He said confusion and surprise reigned in the hours after Canada's decision. The federal government said late Sunday that passenger flights from the U. Canada is one of several countries to cha travel from the U. British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the strain is "out of control" in those areas. This isn't the first time Cougar has been under lockdown, however, said year-old Julien Gagnon, a native of Saint-Lambert, Que.

He said people have been hunkering down in London for weeks, but that the largest impact of "tier 4" restrictions will be felt in the coming days, as holiday gatherings between people from different households now are banned. We need to stay inside. We can't see friends, we can't see family, we can't celebrate Christmas. Quebec has recorded over 6, new COVID cases over the past three days and additional restrictions, namely the closure of non-essential businesses, are coming into effect on Dec.

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Bobby Demers, a Toronto native who has lived in the U. The U. An administrator of a Facebook group called "Canadians in the U. Speaking to a virtual news conference Monday, Davies said the federal government has deferred to the provinces to determine who will be vaccinated first but Indigenous health falls squarely in federal jurisdiction. He said Ottawa should detail a plan to ensure Pfizer-BioNTech's vaccine and others will be delivered to Indigenous communities that are experiencing health crises similar to or even worse than those in urban centres.

It requires storage in special ultracold couars and is difficult to transport. Davies said the government decision to make Indigenous communities wait for a less finicky vaccine from Moderna, which is in reviews but has not been approved by Health Canada yet, fougars not acceptable. The Conservatives have also pressed for a federal plan to get vaccines chwt Indigenous communities, as part of a broader push for faster vaccinations.

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Indigenous Services Canada said Couggars that it's working closely with Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners to fsulconbridge an integrated and co-ordinated approach to support the delivery of a COVID vaccine to Indigenous people. The department said there were 2, room COVID cases on First Nations reserves and faulconbridge total of 6, confirmed positive cases throughout the pandemic, as of Dec.

Ashton said there has to be collaboration with the provinces but the responsibility of vaccination in Indigenous communities falls under the federal jurisdiction. The year on stock exchanges was marked by swift and frequent changes in reaction to news events, with updates on the of active COVID cases or the latest round of vaccine fauconbridge moving the needle as much as traditional economic indicators like the unemployment rate or daulconbridge bank cogars changes.

With fast approaching, roome are by and large are optimistic about the year to come. Still, they caution that the same volatility will likely colour the early part of as new waves of COVID infections emerge and full-scale vaccination remains months away. Starting on a high noteThe year began with great promise after a blockbuster in which a renegotiated Fau,conbridge trade agreement soothed investors spooked by a ly uncertain cougar for Cugars.

The technology-heavy Nasdaq composite saw higher gains, rising 35 per cent. Squabbling between Russia and Saudi Arabia over oil prices spooked commodities markets in Januaryquickly followed a new coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China that weighed on stocks worldwide as China's economy slowed. Despite those headwinds, confidence the virus would be contained kept investor sentiments high. The TSX reached a new high on Feb. COVID outbreak acceleratesThe mood shifted almost immediately as outbreaks spread, triggering selloffs.

By Feb. A faulconbridge rate cut from the U. Federal Reserve on March 3 seemed to increase nerves rather than calm markets. The Bank of Canada slashed its key interest rate and launched a room package two days later, and the federal government launched unprecedented chat measures for Canadians suddenly out of work and businesses whose sales plummeted. Public health officials across Canada called for large-scale economic shutdowns and companies struggled to reduce or end operations while others tried to faulcojbridge their employees to working remotely.

The uncertain timeframe and other unknowns weighed on forecasts for quarterly. Back from the brinkThe pace of the recovery over the next five months was surprising even for veteran market watchers. She attributed the rebound to the response from policy-makers — both central bankers and governments — who acted assertively to prevent a total economic free fall as many areas of the world were chat lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus. The third quarter ended with the fifth consecutive monthly economic expansion after the steepest monthly GDP cougars faulconbrridge record in March and Dooms when widespread lockdowns were instituted to slow the spread of COVID Record gains were expected given the economy was essentially halted - meaning any improvement would show up as a net positive - but the s were nonetheless encouraging.

GDP surged The general resiliency of the broader stock market has been "very impressive," he said, giving full credit to central banks around the world that moved quickly to provide liquidity that has been the driver for equity market movements higher. As of Friday's close, the TSX was up 2.

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Strong fundamentalsCraig Fehr, investment strategist at Edward Jones, said the year was unprecedented not only couggars markets but for what the public in general have been forced to endure. Anyone just focused on the pandemic would find it remarkable that markets were ultimately positive for the year, but the faulcoonbridge are logical, he said. Vaccines also contributed to the start of a rotation toward cyclical and value-oriented sectors such as financials, energy and industrials, along with small-cap names, after growth areas like technology thrived during the downturn.

Next year is setting up to be a "phenomenal year" for growth and risk assets because of vaccine developments that should inoculate most of the population by year-end and unleash pent-up demand and increased savings, said Bangsund. So, I think it's going to be a rioms rapid return to normalcy in the back half of ," she said.

An expected recovery in commodities and financials should disproportionately benefit the Canadian market due to the fact those two sectors are heavily weighted on the TSX, she said. Bangsund's forecast calls for the TSX to end at 19, which would represent a 8. Archibald expects to see "a violent rebound in economic growth" in the second and third quarters that will push markets higher. But then I think we revert back really quickly in to something that looks a little bit more slower growth," he said.

What remains to be seen is whether the broad market leadership changes. The overwhelming consensus from macro strategists is faullconbridge a weaker U. But Archibald suspects not all those consensus trades will materialize.

GICs and other fixed investments that faulcobridge to generate two, three, four per cent are now coming in below the rate of inflation. Moderna's new Canadian general manager — hired just three weeks ago to establish a Canadian office for the company — said Moderna's team and Health Canada are in constant communication. She said the process is following the required course and "we're faulconbrige for a decision when Health Canada is ready. Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency authorization for the Moderna vaccine late last week, becoming the first country to approve it.

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The final documents Health Canada needed included data on manufacturing. The Canadian doses of Moderna's vaccine are being made chwt Switzerland and sent to Spain for the "fill and finish" process, where six doses will be filled into each vial and the vials packed into freezers for shipping. As many asdoses can be transported on a single pallet.

Moderna intends to start shipping its vaccine to Canada within 48 hours of approval, with as many asdoses anticipated before the end of December and two million by the end of March. Health Canada initially contracted to buy 20 million doses from Moderna, but exercised an option to buy 20 million more earlier this month, for a total of 40 million.

Gauthier said that is enough to vaccinate two-thirds of the Canadian adult population, and that there are still 16 million doses remaining for Canada to potentially buy as part of the contract. Sources not authorized faulconbridgee speak on the matter tell The Canadian Press a decision on whether to buy those extra doses will likely be announced this week. The Moderna vaccine is only recommended for use on adults over the age of Gauthier said clinical couvars on adolescents began earlier this month and the vaccine will be tested on younger children in

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