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Massage rooms near me

Massage rooms near me

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Soi 26 and Soi We provide various packages of massages by-well trained and nice masseuses. We only use best quality massage roons, lotions and original Japan imported Nuru Gel.


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This oft-used technique is employed by many an honest travel writer — for a full report on the potential pitfalls of this method, click over to My Parents are Little People. The two-day stay would give us a place to relax in style and to plan out the next three months of travel and writing around Taiwan, a trip during which luxury would definitely not be the planned focus.

Still bedraggled and road-weary, we were whisked up to our apartment on the 20th floor to begin our 48 hour luxury package. Yes, apartment. The main one boasted a rainforest shower, a tub big enough for a romantic evening with two full-grown mermaids and a heated toilet with a bewilderingly soothing of water-spouting accoutrements. The living room bathroom had the same cyber-toilet but lacking either the tub or shower seemed more geared towards executive business.

The living room water closet also lacked wall-to-wall and nigh floor-to-ceiling windows, which is noteworthy only in that it was literally the only room in the near suite in which one could not room out upon everything in Taipei city south, east and in one spot close to the front door west of Taipei Image Source: Tobie Openshaw The view, showing Taipei in its busy glory by day and neon splendor by night, could be blocked out at the push of a bank of buttons that raised and lowered blinds, sent blackout curtains sliding from hidden compartments, turned lights on and off, operated the large flat screen TV and would call room service to order kippers for the mermaids in the bathtub.

Our favorite spot turned out to be the 22nd floor Grand Club Lounge, both for its daily breakfast, all-day snack selection and evening cocktail parties. But each of the rooms we visited including our own had books worth buying — graphic novels, guides to massage, short story collections. As writers ourselves, we were encouraged. Not enough to tear us away from the bathtub, degree view of Taipei, flat-screen TV complete with first-run pay-per-view movies and other diversions to do any actual work.

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Cuisine, accommodations worthy of a Sultan of Brunei or Swing, take your pick and being allowed to spend time recuperating from a lengthy journey while preparing for an even lengthier one was but a part of our 48 hour luxury package. Image Source: Tobie Openshaw Stephanie? What did I do to enar such luxury? I hit the sauna first, hoping to sweat out the processed-food toxins from many days of travel, but the sauna naer too hot.

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Bailing after just a few minutes, I moved to the steam room, settling into the overall vibe, listening to the mellow hiss of steam. Everything in mxssage spa had clearly been deed with comfort and serenity in mind.

As I entered it spilled over the sides into the drain surrounding the pool. After I had settled into a comfortable spot the water stilled and again the water level rode right to the pool edge. The scene was quiet and relaxing.

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A small cold pool sat nearby. I worked myself up to walk down the steps and submerge myself to my shoulders. After a few breaths I returned to the heated waters of the main pool. I was repeating this process, alternating between hot and cold when my masseuse came in to get me, wrapping me in a thick white robe before bringing me upstairs to our couples massage rokms. Joshua was already seated, soaking his feet in a brine of scented water, sipping flower tea in uncharacteristic silence.

Image Source: Grand Hyatt Taipei I ed him as our masseuses readied the tables while we drank a flower tea in silence. We were then beckoned to our heated massage tables, where we, after being slathered in black mud, were wrapped in a coating of thick plastic and covered in heavy blankets.

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My masseuse applied additional mud onto my face with a soft brush, which I found quite soothing. It had been several years since I had done such a sweat, and I was roms on a pleasant cloud of heated mud and perspiration.

My reverie is interrupted suddenly. He makes a beeline for the shower.

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Not long after, my masseuse gestures for me to sit up. As Madsage ease into a standing position, a mixture of mud and sweat pours down my body. The masseuse folds the plastic around my calves, allowing me to waddle to the shower without dripping on the floor. After washing in a beautifully warm shower, I Joshua on the couch and await the next round.

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Maassage am not disappointed — my masseuse knows her trade well, using enough pressure to work my muscles without pain. Lying still on the table, a seemingly endless array of gentle paintbrushes caress my skin with sweet smelling lotion. Again, I find myself drifting away.

The facial complete, we are offered more tea and advised to let the massag and other unguents from the various stages of the Calm treatment to to soak into our skin for the rest of the day before showering. Every inch of my skin velvety soft, Joshua and I head upstairs for a mid-day rest, Calm, relaxed and serene. He and his partner Stephanie Huffman are in Taiwan working on a collaborative project called Formosa Moon, to be published by Things Asian Press in To learn more about Formosa Moon, check out www.

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