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Mature chat room habahe

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I stand up. Nazare Live I see.


More The For th, Art.

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Of all the earth. For how long Above. How art? Far apart. For All Come let us. In US Hallelujah come on just give him praise all across the house either at home, just thank him all across here the worship center all you that are ing this online welcome. Come on.

Habesha peoples

Thank you for coming. Thank you for Christmas Hallelujah. You know we live in a very perplexing disturbing age. This is not unique. Time at all the prophet haba matter of fact, bring that verse on the screen would you fellas the prophet haba He lived at a very troublesome He could not figure out what God was up to what God was doing He looked around total chaos all over look at what he wrote in his book.

Oh god in this time of our deep need help us again as you did in years gone by see the people that disobeyed God and God was upset with him. Remember mercy anybody need mercy today? Yup me too me too. We exalt you today is pastor Bob. We honor your name Lord we can exaggerate about other things but one thing we cannot exaggerate we cannot exaggerate about how great you are words Cannot Express the greatness of our God the honor due to our God.

The exaltation that is due to him the praise and the Thanksgiving lord we are amazed by you We even sing a song around here.

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We are in a deep deep time of need. He was back then about twenty-five years ago, We still are.

Were in deep need and god we ask your mercy. God would you help us in our deep spiritual need? Oh lord God father. There are men. There are women.

There are students here in the worship center online. God help us in the time of our need. I pray. Oh how I pray God. I pray for those that have covet that we know and love would you heal them? Oh, lord our God and then lord walk us through this lord God, though I walk through the valley rkom the shadow of death, I fear no evil because you are with me. Lord deliver us out of this season of coveted we ask and pray father in our deep needs financially. Lord God lord I pray for people today that are that are wondering how every need is going to be met Lord be with them in your great great mercy Lord God and then lord in our deep.

Emotionally mentally lord our God all the emotions that wash through our mind every day.

Oh lord God lord bring uabahe back Lord God to you Lord our god lord. We just pray. In the name of Jesus and Lord help us lord God oh God. So father bless you. Bless you bless your people today. Lord God draws to you in Jesus name.

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We pray and thank you for Emmanuel everybody said together. Amen and Amen and Amen. Hey, God bless you and look around. You can the orchestra uh is all set down here front and so next Sunday morning a concert of Christmas. Give him an air hug, but God the blessing and good to have all of you here. Mary Joseph the manger the animals in the manger hero Shepherds Angels Caesar Augustus wise men really born rroom December 25th of a Virgin God in the flesh in the flesh.

Well, Merry Christmas ladies and gentlemen, good to have all of you here in the worship center with us.

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You know the difference between this Christmas and the original Christmas this Christmas. A lot of people are rom down. What does God? Want us to know and learn and experience about Christmas? Well at Christmas time, let me make you a promise, God sent a real gift he sent a real flesh and blood baby and he did it in the most unique way any gift could ever be delivered.

What a unique way to do a gift? Let me show you even a more unique way that God did the gifts look at right here. The lord himself will. You aside a Virgin a Virgin, A Virgin is gonna be the one who delivers this gift you talk about a real gift given in a unique way and you will call his name Emmanuel not long ago I my doorbell ring and on Saturday morning, I opened the door and there were habahe very fine young good looking young people uh they had chats on.

That means God room us and they said Nice to talk to you and they went down my driveway. Sure the Bible calls him God imanuel. Translation God with us now ninety. Not just December 25, not just December but every day of the year I wanna show you three things. Remember I used to I used to ride the train to go. Are you ready here we go.

First thing he wants you to do is this Habae wants you habahhe learn experience from Christmas that mature is impossible with God. Amen everyone nothing is impossible with God think of the original Christmas it all starts with a young girl. All of a sudden she startled 1 habwhe in her home, the Angel Gabriel shows up. Mary let me quote his words the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the most high will overshadow you.

There is nothing that is impossible with God. Deep into your heart screw em deep deep deep matre your mind by the way look at what roon says the holy the power of the most high will overshadow you will come upon you when that happened. Let me hear cht.

Mary Everything can be done when the the power of the Holy Spirit overshadow you Mary the same today, right this very moment the Holy Spirit can overshadow you. He can change your life, He can take the. People are perplex. He can heal you when the Holy spirit over you lives yabahe to change. God loves you just as much as he love Mary God loves me.

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As much as he love, Mary and the Holy Spirit, the most high overshadowed surrounded Mary. Can happen in your life as well? Nothing Nothing Nothing nothing is too hard for God. Oh, I love this verse. I am the lord the God of all people of the world is anything too hard for me. I am the God over all the people and then he ask that question that I can answer. Is there anything too hard for me? You have to go to your physician, you go see your family doctor he diagnose your mture, He writes out a prescription.

Why did God go through all? What work? He speaks and world spin into it. What what what work did he go through? What did he do that was hard? We talk you and I talk mature hard harder. You go to your family. Put it on your phone. Nothing is too hard for him. Nothing Listen, God never worries God never says this. God wants to teach us at Christmas more in the tinsel more than the twinkle more than the present more than the parties.

How can this be leave it to God? Amen everyone all of you. Did you hear that? To go tell her husband uh to go tell her fiance, I mean to say. Am I room ninety-nine point. God had a will he had a will for Mary, He had a will for Joseph and God will stop at nothing to accomplish his will in your life in our life so chats Mary. In a dream and the angel says Taker is your wife and when Joseph woke up, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded he took Habahe as his wife, God will stop at nothing to accomplish his will in this world.

At nothing. God will stop at nothing to accomplish his will and no one can stop him. No one can stop him. Plan to go from being a shepherd to be a national hero.

Did he ever dream that? No, but God will stop at nothing to accomplish his will God had a plan. Good on Walnut Grove go east toward Houston Levy Get in your car go down to Houston Levy at Houston levy The road tees take a right go south go down four, maybe five miles just before you come to um just before you come to poplar as you go down, you look to the left side of the road, the east side of Houston levy. Mammoth complex being built I drove by the other day was.

I watched I watched Workman out there shoveling mud they were pushing mud. Did you hear me The architect has a plan The contractor has a job. The Workman are gonna stop at nothing to accomplish that plan. God will stop at nothing to do his plan in your life.

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Do you do you do you do you know a God like? Remember that verse from. Amazing Grace The Lord has promised good to me his word, my hope secures he will my shield and my char be as long as my life endures. I wanna talk to you personally all eoom online. I wanna rooj to all of you here. That girl to the Lord and God habaje stop at nothing to bring them back.

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