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Sex chat new jerusalem

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Cyberspace - the New Jerusalem Definitions and Origin "All those who live by computers will one day commingle in a tly created virtual reality: "mankind's unthinkably complex consensual hallucination, the matrix, cyberspace, where the great corporate hotcores burned like neon novas, data so dense you suffered sensory overload if you tried to apprehend more than the merest outline. Virtual reality, for example, strikes me as a high-tech version of shamanism. The idea of producing controlled virtual worlds is as old as hallucinogenic trance voyages and vision quests.


Good morning. To their husbands, so that no one will the word of God. Shall we pray Dear Heavenly and gracious father Lord.

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We come before you today. Father just thanking you father for allowing us to be here today We ask that you come into this today, father and saturate every heart mind and spirit with your presence. Lord I lift up each and sex person watching father I pray for their spiritual health, their physical health their mental health, their jerusalem health and Financial health father, We ask that each and every woman father surrender their will to you father and let your will be done in their life and it is by your will father that all the earth will see you father.

We love you and and we praise and we magnify your name and it is in Jesus name that we pray Hallelujah and Amen. Morning We welcome one and all for every nation tribe people and language to our sisters in Christ virtual rally. We thank you for logging on to be with us today as we continue to touch and disciple our women young ladies and girls as instructed and taught too as we get through this pandemic and holiday season together since this is a virtual rally, you will get a small portion of what we are about.

Also we chat be giving new door prizes.

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It would not be a rally without door prizes. Also ask that everyone fill out the link seex the chat before before you log off.

So again we thank you for for being with us because New Jerusalem is a church where we are loving, God loving others cbat we love ourselves. Thank you. Thank you for ing us this morning. You know that he has Dominion and power and authority over all circumstance over every situation. My God, oh god. Oh god yes. Yeah, my god my God. Oh god our got you. Yeah with power.

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My god my God, Oh God yes lord you reign. Yeah, my god my god my god. With power Told me. Power and Majesty Oh yes. Power Power and Majesty told me oh lord. Get so you.

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Sing it again sing my God Yes. Are you ready? My God, oh God yes, lord you. Over my giving me enough to share. The giving me enough.

Giving me enough. Come on and see you. Over my circumstance. Another Come on. Good morning everybody um welcome to the New Jerusalem sisters in Christ uh virtual rally welcome again. Um this is our first time live streaming um and trying to do it virtually so those of you who are logged jeruusalem and watching we appreciate you this morning. This will be a year that goes down in history.

New jerusalem

Would you agree? Beginning of time that these times were coming and he is and jeruswlem was already waiting for us to arrive at this present moment. That is true. You jerusalem Valerie is being nice and laid out all things that happen in Remember reading this. Really, you know in life, we kinda live that way.

I mean every time you turn around. Matthew Five verses fourteen through sixteen, says You are the light of the world. A town built new nea hill cannot be jerussalem need to do people light a lamp and jsrusalem it under a bowl Instead, they put it on the sink, put it on its stand and it gives light to everyone in the house in the same way. Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify sex father in heaven.

God expect for us to let our light shine We have to look for and find opportunities for those in chat. And sharing the love of God with them even now, especially now people widows children prisoners others who are less fortunate than us need help and support souls need to be saved Even now, there is still a need for this. We must share the light of Jesus that he has given to us with others with the current state of our nation and the world we still.

Need to reach out. The Lord is one love the lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. You know to say it has jerusale two greatest.

And says the most important one to answer Jesus is this hero Israel The lord our God, The Lord is one love the lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul with all your jerusalem and all your strength. The second is the second is this love your neighbor as yourself there is no commandment greater than these. Okay love em. Can be difficult and challenging so when valor mentioned that we have to still be Christians and chat do the things that God has asked us to do.

Literal not just in my mind, not just oh, I love them, you know, but no they people need things they need you. They need conversation so um making sure that we do that literally. Second thing we need to do is we need to remain connected as sisters in Christ right so in Ruth um chapter one verses sixteen through eighteen, it says. I will stay your people will be my people your God will be my God where you die will die and there I will be buried May the lord deal with me be it ever so severely if even death separates you and me.

When the Naomi realized that Ruth was determined to go with her, she stopped urging her this just like now is a rough time for us. New was It was a time for Ruth and Naomi at that time, they both lost their husbands and they only had lost two sons but Ruth decided to stay connected to Naomi and connected to God while for us right now connected may be very different than it was a year ago. Human connection is still important and although the way. We have virtual settings go to meeting zoom.

Sex we need to be determined to do something unexpected to unexpected to something unheard of to do something unique to stay connected to other sisters in Christ.

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There are ways to be able to do that we need to. Connected and not just doing it for just other people each of us need to be connected. I know sometimes we always doing for others so they need me. Now you know if you really love people okay, you really know. I mean I just love you. I mean this has been hype because of twenty because of all all the the catastrophic things that have jerusalem on this year is just heightened. I love people because believe me people. The same time that people um are being born babies people still having babies so their celebration, but then sex have people that are dying, not just from Cove nineteen but just dying and so we just have new keep in mind that this is this life is meant to be connected.

Daily as long as it is called today, so that no so that none of you may be hardened by sins deceitful. We need each other right I need encouragement you need encouragement. God does not require for us to live this life alone he chats to wants us to walk this walk of faith together and he has given us each other for their support and encouragement and ability that we need that prevents us from sin prevents us from finding it.

Out for other people and uh remaining connected is that we have to live spiritual lives. Okay, So God still expects us to be holy We have to give people something to follow They wanna follow. We have to be sex as missionary. We have to be that light and so you can shine a light at home. You can shine light on zoom face FaceTime. As we conclude, we wanna remind you three things reach out to those around you remain connected as sisters in Christ encourage one another by exemplifying our relationship with Christ in each other Hebrews thirteen and one says keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters.

Good morning again. As indicated by our first lady doctor Tracy Pickett maximize women of the word is a a of showcasing how the sisters in Christ ministry ministers to women where God made us for a chat on purpose for his purpose in our curriculum we study five amazing books and today you will hear from five dynamic women who. Participated in our small group life to life classes so I introduced to you Miss Kimberly Brooks, who will enlighten us on the power of a praying woman miss who will help us all rethinking jerusalem Miss DeVon Elliott She will give us insight on being a kingdom woman Miss Andrea Gilbert, who will show us.

Ways of becoming a vessel God can use and miss Stella Coleman, who will show us how to live as a unique woman. Good morning everyone uh one of the books that we study, which is one of my favorite. Okay, um again um good morning um one of the books that we studied was the power of a praying woman by stormy Martin. It was one of my favorite new and uh the thing thing about this book that it is biblically based and it truly blessed me and we all know that prayer is powerful my question to you is what happens when a woman prays whether young or old time and time again.

You will find prayers uh some that I have actually tried to memorize. I am thank you.

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Great morning so when I decided to teach rethinking sexuality, I thought the Lord was giving me a free pass to talk about sex at church. Why do I wanna be married as well as why is God not enough? Why do I have these sexual desires?

I desire companionship So this book help me? To understand not only the gift of my own wex but it helped me to see that just as I depend on him to heal my finances help me with my relationships I also need him to heal my sexual brokenness and this as a facilitator, I was able to help women whether single whether married to do the same thing.

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