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Tnt chat room I Am Looking Teen Tits

Tnt chat room

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Chat Transcript: Sharmba Mitchell T. Do you feel he is over looking you because he is scared of you or because he thinks Kostya will beat you??


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Chat Transcript: Sharmba Mitchell T. Do you feel he is over looking you because he rom scared of you or because he thinks Kostya will beat you?? Is that a fight you would like to take after TheChampIsHere: tszyu?? I'm not looking past this fight and I'm not looking that far ahead yet. That's a good question for after I beat up on Tszyu. I'll fight anybody.

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Also I think you're the best Jr. I don't think anyone in the junior welterweight division should speak my name unless they're ready to call me Mr. OnFire: I'm choosing you to beat Tszyu.

I'm confident you won't disappoint. What is the main thing you're looking out for in Kostya Tszyu? I have to train for the same Tszyu as if he was fighting regularly. You can't put anythning past anyone, this is boxing and anything can happen, so I'm going to be fully prepared for anything. The only person who can cause me major problems is me.

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If I didn't have heart, I wouldn't have stepped in the ring in the first fight. In the first fight most people still fell I was winning the fight with a bad leg, but I thank you. Montana: If I wanted a pair of Sharmba Mitchelll ed gloves Bandito: will u ever move up weights to face the big guys and whats the highest riom ever go? I don't think I roo go higher than that.

But if I could make tnf that's where I'd be right now. Does it bother you at all that the fight was slightly hyped but then called off and would you give him a title shot after you beat Tszyu?? I have no plans for Ricky Hatton. I'm not even concerned with him.

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I'm ready to fight Kosta Tszyu and after that I'm moving on to bigger and better things. Method: Sharmba, how do you see a tng with Cotto playing out? What kind of fight plan tnf you employ right now if you were to fight him? Who are your current favorite fighters to watch? And do you prefer Pussy shaved or do you like a landing strip? He's a good little fighter, but I think he needs some more fights to be mentioned with guys like myself and the other top guns.

I love watching Bernard. I think he's a masterful fighter. OnFire: Do you ever take your belt off the mantle and throw it on your shoulders? I know I would.

I started at the Round One Boxing club at the age of 8. I think you're right, he can't touch me. I don't drink soda's. Montana: Would you have ANY title defenses at or would you move directly to ?

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I can't stand the weight anymore. Unless Mayweather or Gatti step up there's nobody there for me to fight. OnFire: what's your favorite boxing exercise hvybg, spdbag, jump rope,etc?

Method: Sharmba, what is your opinion on cat round fights. Why was it able to go on so long with little ill effect, then suddenly, someone rules it too dangerous?

tnr I think I'm one of them who can go I love twelve but I'm all about taking guys to the deep water and drowning them so 15 rounds is right up my alley. Judah is not even worth mentioning. I think that's one of the fights I want before I retire.

I really want to beat this guy. Tune in November 6!

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